After 13 days of closure, The Kawah Ijen Crater Natural Park will open again for tourist the 6th of April. Gates will open at 4 am instead of 1 am.

For security reasons, going down inside the Kawah Ijen crater is still prohibited. With the situation getting better as the rainy season ends slowly, it is possible to start the hike at 4 am instead of 1 am. Even if the access right next to the blue fire area is prohibited it is still possible to enjoy the flames from a bit further away. The crater rim, still accessible offers an amazing view on the sulfur mine, the lake and the surrounding area up to Bali.

We will keep you updated with the situation in the next few days. By the time have a look at our complete guide for that amazing volcano.

The The Kawah Ijen Crater Natural Park was temporarily closed after 30 residents became victims of toxic gas. Climbers and miners are prohibited from approaching the 2,368 m volcano located on the border of Banyuwangi and Bondosowo regencies, East Java.

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