Getting stuck in a boring routine makes it difficult for us to think clearly. Getting busy with various thing that hit us, work problems, and many others. When we are in a bad situation, generally people will spend their time on vacation, building a challenge in their self by travelling. Enjoying the lushes of the trees, blue of beach, the coldness of mountain, even the challenges of waterfall.
Well, in here with Ijen Expedition I’ll invite you to create those beautiful things. We’ll invite you to visit tourist destinations in East Java. We have a variety of tour package options that you can choose from. One of them is a road trip 3 days 2 night to Madakaripura Waterfall then Bromo Mountain and next to Ijen Crater, one of the mandatory destinations that worth to visited.
Don’t go anywhere! Please you can check the itinerary in down here. Check this out!!!

Day 1 : Pick up service – Madakaripura Waterfall
Pick up will be done at Juanda International Airport, Surabaya, East Java (pickup time adjusts the plane’s landing time), it would be better to choose flights that arrive in the morning, (around at 8-10 am). Our Ijen Expedition team will pickup you in there with on time. After that, before we starting the journey, make sure you have exchanged money first to simplify the journey and the payment process. If not yet, you can ask the tour guide to show the location of the Money Changer at the airport. And make sure your stuff it save.
After pick up service is done, we will starting the journey to Madakaripura Waterfall. The trip to go there will take approximately 2 hours. Madakaripura waterfall located it self in Probolinggo Regency, East Java. This 200 meters high waterfall is the highest waterfall in Java and the second highest in Indonesia. You can imagine with this height how beautiful the appearance of this Madakaripura waterfall.
Arrived in parking area, the tour guide will lead you to the location of the ticket door by taxibike (it will be takes approximately around at 10-15 minutes). The distance from the ticket door to the end point of the location of the waterfall about 1km with walking time around 30 minutes.
When quite satisfied enjoying the wonderful views from the waterfall we will go back to the parking area at 15.00 WIB (Western Indonesian Time) for continue to travel to the next tourist desination, Mount Bromo.
Note : Don’t forget to bring a raincoat, because the distance of 20 meters from the waterfall will make your clothes wet. And also don’t forget bring a slippers, it will make it easier for you on your way to the waterfall whose the terrain is quite slippery and rocky.
Day 2 : Bromo Mountain
Wakeup at 02.30 in early morning to make preparations towards Mount Penanjakan to enjoy the sunrise. At 03.00 4×4 Jeep will bring you to the location of sunrise point view (it will be takes around 1 hours). After enjoying the sunrise view, tour guide will bring you back go to the jeep, then next go to bromo parking area for enjoying the panorama of Bromo Crater.
Arriving at the parking area the tour guide will lead you on a climb to Mount Bromo. From the parking area to the starting point of the climb is about 500 meters, you can take it on foot or by renting horses from local residents. The price for renting horses is 150.000 ruphias for two ways. Arriving at the starting point, you will start the climb. The terrain from starting point to the top of Bromo Mountain is go up the stairs with 225 stairs that you will go through.
For approximately around 1 hour you will enjoying the wonderful views of Mount Bromo. If we look at it from above it will appear that Poten Bromo Temple, is a potential place of worship for hindus in the Tengger Tribe. On the right and the left side, you will see a beautiful cluster of hills. After that, you will escorted back by our team to the jeep, back to homestay, and getting prepared to goes to Banyuwangi city for enjoying the next destinations, Ijen Crater. One of the mandatory destinations that worth to visited when you come to East Java Province.
Note : Don’t forget to bring scarf or mask and sunglasses, because the terrain of Bromo Mountain are more sandy and dusty.
Day 3 : Ijen Crater – Drop off day (Optional)
Ijen Crater is one of the many tourist destinations worshiped by local residents even to foreign countries. Ijen Crater is famous for its blue fire phenomenon which inspires the souls of travelers. While blue fire itself is famous because its light that there are only two in the world after Iceland.
In midnight or around at 12.30 (depending how far your hotel) Ijen Expedition team will pick up in hotel. So before that time you should prepared everything, warm clothing and personal supplies.
We will arrived in Ijen Parking Area at 00.30 am, while waiting the lockets are opened you can enjoying the coldness of Ijen Area. Well, finally you’ll going to walk as far as 3 kilometers with the kind of the tracks are uphill and flat. In kilometer 2 you can take a rest for a while in last post named circle pos. And then we’ll start climbing again goes to the top of Ijen Mountain, which has the peak 2.799 meters above sea level.
For enjoying the blue fire we should go to down with the steep track (it will be takes a half hours), you shoukd more carefully and please don’t forget to use your gas mask. After that we’ll going to the up again to getting ready for enjoying the sunrise and the wonderful of the turquoise of the lake.
After all finished we’ll take you back to the hotel and the programs are finished. See you soon on the next trip.
Note : The drop of location adjusts you
Drop of location :
– Surabaya
– Bali
– Ketapang harbor

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