For some travelers, do traveling is a must thing when holidays come. There are even those who guive up one year leave only to travel around their country. And one of the countries that attracts them is Indonesia.
Indonesia is rich in natural beauty, friendly hospitality, as well as customs and culture. Therefore, Indonesia is made as the main destination for travelers, when they explore it. Usually the travelers who want to explore the country of Indonesia, they will choose a challenging desination like climbing. And many climbing places hunted by travelers one of which Mount Bromo.
Mount Bromo is an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia. Mount Bromo has an altitude of 2.329 meters above sea level, and are in four districts, namely Probolinggo district, Pasuruan district, Lumajang district, and Malang district. While the bromo Mountain itself are its include in the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park (TNBTS).
In that area there is one of the tribe called Tengger Tribe which they are Hindus. The Tengger Tribe in Bromo believe that Mount Bromo is the holy place. So every year there are always offering to honor their god. Well, suppose there is anything in Bromo ?
Check this out!

1.Friendly People in a Friendly Place
When you visit this mountain you will meet with a friendly people. The main gate to Mount Bromo is the Tengger Tribe Village. On either side if the road there are a unique range of houses belonging to local residents in a slope of less than 180 degrees.
And the thing that makes me always love this place is we will never be bored when we are one trip, because on our right and left we will be served by a cluster of hills and plantations. Because as we know that the Tengger Tribe people make their living as a farmers.

2.The Best Sunrise and Instagramable Spot
Usually the trip will start at 2 O’clock. Before we had to the crater of Mount Bromo, we will enjoy the panorama of Mount Bromo’s sunrise on the Penanjakan Hill. The time will taken from the homestay to the Penanjakan Hill around 1-1.5 hours (depending on the density of visitors) with a distance od approximately 2 km. The path to get to Penanjakan Hill itself through Seruni Point.
Because this tourist destination is always full of visitors every day, the local residents take advantage of the opportunities to trade by setting up a stall at the foot of the Penanjakan Hill. The ascent to the hill will begin at 4 O’clock in early morning. The terrain of this hill is not so steep, that the slope is around 60-70 degrees.

Arriving at the top we will wait for a while and finally the moment of sunrise comes. On the penanjakan hill, this is a lot of tourists who capture the moment by take a photos. Because as the tittle suggests this place is one of the instagramable spot. So not infrequently many visitors who hunt for photos here.

3.The Unique Climbing Route in Bromo
If Mount Ijen has a Taxi Pull (I calling that) or trolley transporting visitors, Mount Bromo also has a private vehicle that is a horse. When we do the climb to Mount Bromo, arriving in the parking area you will find local residents who bring a horses. Exactly, the horses are rented for Rp. 75,000 / one way (from the parking area to the main gate). Why horses?. Because the terrain of Mount Bromo is sandy, so our steps will be heavier to use walking.
Uniquely, the terrain from the gate (The foot of Mount Bromo) to the top is full of stairs. Short story, you will climb as many as 250 stairs with a very uphill slope, so it will be very draining and breathing. Don’t forget to bring a scarf or mask and sunglasses, because as I already told you that the terrain from Mount Bromo is sandy and dusty.

4.The Real Beauty Above The Summit
Here it is the awaited moment to see the real beauty on the top of Mount Bromo. We can see a lot of view when we reach the top of Mount Bromo. Clusters of hills, seas of sand, people who roll in to do climbing and one of theplaces of worship of Hindus people, Poten Bromo Temple. And the most important thing is the exoticism of the crater of Mount Bromo.

5.Riding a Jeep while on the way
The means of transportation used during thetrip, from the beginning to the end of the trip using a Jeep transportation. With this transportation and the terrain that we will go through makes our hearts challenged to drive it. Sometimes there are drivers who allow us to drive it, some so not allow it, depending on wether we can drive it or not. You can rent a jeep to a local residents. Usually, the jeep is parked in front of the homestay, so you can rent it to the homestay owner.
Well, those were the things that we can find when we explore Mount Bromo. Keep spirit, keep traveling!.

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