bromo ijen tour package

Bromo Ijen Tour package From Bali 3 Day 2 Night

Bromo Ijen Tour Package from Bali 3 Day 2 Night

Bromo Ijen tour package is one of the best destinations in eastern Java that offers natural attractions centered on natural beauty. the beauty of tourism is that can provide its own value of happiness for holidays with family members, friends, groups, or individuals.

Bromo Ijen Tour package From Bali 3 Day 2 Night

Holidays to Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen Banyuwangi is one of the favorite adventure trip destinations with cheap prices in East Java. For the start of the Bromo ijen tour, there are many choices either for the Bromo ijen tour from Banyuwangi, Bali, Surabaya, Malang, Probolinggo or start from Yogyakarta. Depending on the desire of your choice, where do you start for the Bromo ijen traveling package?

Bromo Ijen Tour Package from Bali 3 Day 2 Night

The combination of Mount Bromo And Ijen Crater Tour has its own advantages for tourists who like adventure. In addition to seeing the beauty and charm of Mount Bromo, we will invite you to take a trip and trek to Mount Ijen to see the blue fire and blue lake.

Let’s check our Bromo Ijen tour package bellow

Day 01: Pick up from Bali Hotel | Bromo Ijen Tour Package From Bali 

Start from your hotel in Bali (Denpasar, Sanur, Kuta or Ubud area) between 08:00 – 08:15 AM, Our staff will take you to Probolinggo – East Java for about 9 hours by a private car with AC including a stop on the way for having lunch and take a rest. then when you arrive in the Bromo area, you will stay at the hotel.

Bromo Ijen Tour Package from Bali 3 Day 2 Night

Day 02.  Mount Bromo sunrise tour – Banyuwangi | Bromo Ijen Tour Package From Bali 

You will be wakened up at 03.00 a.m., have a cup of coffee or tea before we leave for a short drive – 40 minutes – to Pananjakan, the highest viewpoint in the area to see the sunrise. But, of course, whether you can see the sunrise depends on the weather conditions. Then we will descend to the Sea of Sand to see the crater of mount Bromo.

Afterward, we go back to the hotel to have breakfast. After that, we continue our trip and drive around 4 hours to Pasir Putih Beach to have lunch at a beachside restaurant.

Hereafter, we drive for another 3 hours before we arrive at the village Sempol/Blawan (Ijen area) to pass the night. You have time to explore the surroundings and spend some leisure time in the hotel if you like. There is, among others, a hot spring in the area.

Bromo Ijen Tour Package from Bali 3 Day 2 Night

Day 03: Ijen Crater – Bali | Bromo Ijen Tour Package From Bali 

At 12.30 AM, our Ijen Discovery vehicle will carry you to Paltuding (start point of Ijen Crater). From the Park, the Ranger post starts the 90-minutes hike to Ijen Crater Blue Fire. The stunning unveils at 2383 meters altitude. The lake’s eerie color and smoke wafting from bright yellow sulfur deposits create the landscape desolate, barren, and vibrantly alive.

Sulfur miners emerge carrying up to 80 kilograms of ores in bamboo baskets on their shoulders, climbing up along the treacherous path. After exploring Ijen Crater, We will drive down back to Banyuwangi Town for Breakfast and check out, then directly drive to Bali Island.

Bromo Ijen Tour Package from Bali 3 Day 2 Night

Bromo Ijen tour package | Price List

  • 1 pax Rp. 8.736.000
  • 2 pax Rp. 9.542.000
  • 3 pax Rp. 12.297.000
  • 4 pax Rp. 13.949.000
  • 5 pax Rp.17.420.000
  • 6 pax Rp.20.371.000
  • 7 pax Rp.23.126.000
  • 8 pax Rp.24.323.000
  • 9 pax Rp.26.883.000
  • 10pax Rp.27.690.000


  • Transportation comfortable car or minibus
  •  Ferry two-way ticket
  • Jeep and driver at Bromo
  • guide service
  • Accommodation at Bromo and Kawah Ijen – local standard.
    Based on 2 people maximum sharing  (for solo travelers, 1 pax per room), hot water only at Bromo, (towels, and soap are not provided).
  • Entrances fees Bromo & Kawah Ijen
  • mineral water
  • breakfast in hotel


  • Your own insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Food
  • Tips for guides and drivers.

Booking and information

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Bromo Ijen Tour package From Bali 3 Day 2 Night

How long does it take to climb Mount Bromo?

The trail to the top of Mount Bromo Summit is free. It takes about 20-30 minutes depending on how quickly you can haul yourself up the sandy slope. Many tourists decide it is a good idea to have a horse haul them up the hill.

How long does it take to climb Mount Bromo?

How to climb Mount Bromo?

Mount Bromo is an easy climb and is more about exploring the expansive crater. Generally, people start from the Mount Penanjakan viewpoint (technically, Mount Bromo is the small volcanic dome in the middle of the crater) at sunrise.

Then you descend into the caldera, and either walk, ride a horse or take a motorbike to the base of Bromo in the middle of the caldera.

If it’s safe, guides will help you scramble to the top of the volcanic dome, otherwise, you can explore other parts of the caldera. An entrance ticket must be bought at the Park entrance. Getting to the first viewpoint can be done by jeep.

Time to climb

Most tourists spend the night at the nearby village of Cemero Lawang and opt for a jeep ride up the viewing points on Mount Penanjakan and down to the Sea of Sand before arriving at the base of Mount Bromo, from where everyone walks up the stairs to the edge of the crater.

If you are opting for jeep and horse rides to Mount Bromo and back and only scaling the stairs on foot, the entire trip will take you less than half a day.

why Ijen Crater has a blue fire or Blue Lava?

blue fire ijen | why ijen crater have blue fire

Ijen crater|the lava molten rock that emerges from the Earth at ultra-high temperatures isn’t colored significantly different than the lava at other volcanoes, which all differ slightly based on their mineral composition but appear a bright red or orange color in their molten state.

But at Kawah Ijen, extremely high quantities of sulfuric gases emerge at high pressures and temperatures (sometimes more than 600°C) along with the lava.

When sulfur from within the volcano breaches the surface, it can reach temperatures up to 600°C( 1, 112°F), and therefore the sulfur immediately encounters lower temperatures and pressures at the surface, which causes the sulfur to right away ignite and erupt blue flames up to five meters ( 16 ft) into the air.

blue fire ijen | why ijen crater have blue fire

When we can see Blue fire? | Ijen Crater

This phenomenon can only be seen 1 hour after sunset and 1 hour before sunrise. In other words ” we can see blue fire all night from 6 pm until 4.30 am.

blue fire ijen | why ijen crater have blue fire

How to see blue fire

Trekking to the summit of Mount Ijen to see blue fire began at midnight (around 1:00 dawn) of Pos Paltuding (the last post for all the Ijen crater tour to make the climb) with a long climb to the crater of Mount Ijen 1.5 to 2 hours trekking and so far 3 km.

Tour Package for seeing Blue fire

Ijen Crater Tour From Banyuwangi 1 Day | Ijen Blue fire Tour

blue fire Ijen tour 2 day 1 Night From Bali

Bromo ijen tour 3 Day 2 Night From Surabaya

Why does Kawah Ijen have blue lava or Blue fire

The best time to see Blue Fire | Ijen Crater

During the rainy season, Mt Ijen’s blue flames are weaker, while in the dry season they are bigger. The dry season, between July and September, is the best time to climb Mt Ijen. The sandy mountain path will be dry, hence it will not be slippery and be safer for visitors.

why Ijen Crater have blue fire or Blue Lava?

Things you need to bring to see Blue Fire

  • Torches  (both hand torches or headlamps. We opted for the headlamps to maintain our palms-free), although I took both, simply in case the battery might run out withinside the night
  • Gloves (it’s miles bloodless up there, however, they even serve you nicely whilst you pass down the crater and ought to preserve directly to sharp rocks)
  • Gas masks, that you want as safety in opposition to dense clouds of poisonous gases like sulphur dioxide.  You can not live for a long term in one’s gases without a mask.  It all relies upon the wind if you’ll stumble upon a number of the ones poisonous gases on the day of your climb.
  • Warm jacket. Now, do no longer count on the provider of a “cell second-hand iciness garments store”

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