ijen crater tour from bali
Bromo Ijen tour

Exploring the Majestic Bromo Ijen Volcano

Bromo ijen tour | If you’re a nature lover and an adventure seeker, then the Bromo Ijen Tour is an absolute must-do for you. Located in East Java, Indonesia, the tour will take you on a journey through two of the most spectacular volcanoes in the world, Mount Bromo and Mount Ijen.

Trekking Mount Bromo | Bromo Ijen Tour

Mount Bromo, an active volcano standing at 2,329 meters above sea level, is an absolute spectacle. The trek to the summit takes you through a sea of sand and across the iconic Tengger caldera, which is surrounded by steep walls. From the top, you can witness the stunning sunrise and a panoramic view of the surrounding mountains and landscapes.

Descending into Ijen Crater | Bromo Ijen tour

The Ijen Crater, also known as the Blue Fire Crater, is a must-visit location during the tour. The hike to the crater is a challenging but rewarding one, and it takes you through a dense rainforest and over rocky terrain. Once you reach the crater, you’ll be amazed by the bright blue flames that dance at the base of the crater, making it one of the most unique and fascinating natural wonders in the world.

Experience the Culture and Traditions of East Java

Apart from the breathtaking natural beauty, the Bromo Ijen Tour also allows you to experience the culture and traditions of the local people in East Java. You can visit traditional villages and markets to get a glimpse of the daily lives of the locals and indulge in some delicious traditional cuisine.

Discovering the Tengger Tribe | Bromo Ijen tour

The Tengger tribe, a unique and ancient community of people, is one of the most interesting and hospitable communities in East Java. You can visit their village and learn about their rich culture and history, as well as enjoy the local hospitality.

Indonesia is a country that boasts natural wonders, from pristine beaches to volcanic landscapes. One of the best ways to explore these beautiful destinations is by taking a Bromo Ijen tour from Surabaya. This three-day tour will take you to the famous Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater, allowing you to witness some of Indonesia’s most stunning landscapes.

ijen crater tour from bali


Day 1: Surabaya to Bromo

The first day of the tour begins with a pick-up from your hotel in Surabaya, where you will meet your driver and start the journey toward Bromo. On the way, you will stop at Pasuruan for breakfast, where you can taste some of the local delicacies.

Once you arrive at Bromo, you will check in to your hotel and have some free time to explore the surroundings. You can take a walk around the nearby villages, visit the local markets, or simply relax and enjoy the scenery.

Day 2: Bromo Sunrise and Transfer to Ijen

The second day of the tour is the highlight of the trip, where you will wake up early to witness the beautiful sunrise over Bromo. You will take a jeep to the viewpoint where you can enjoy the stunning views of the sunrise and the Bromo caldera. The view is truly breathtaking, and you will be amazed by the natural beauty of the landscape.

After sunrise, you will return to your hotel for breakfast and check out. The next destination is Bondowoso, where you will stay overnight before visiting the Ijen Crater the following day. Upon arrival, you will have some free time to relax and explore the town.

Day 3: Ijen Sunrise and Back to Surabaya

The third day of the tour is another early start as you wake up to witness the sunrise at Ijen. You will hike to the Ijen crater, where you will witness the turquoise lake and the blue flames. The hike is quite challenging, but the view at the top is worth the effort.

After sunrise, you will return to your hotel for breakfast and check out. You will then start the journey back to Surabaya with a stop at Banyuwangi for lunch. Once you arrive in Surabaya, you will be dropped off at your hotel or the airport, marking the end of the Bromo Ijen tour.


Overall, the Bromo Ijen tour from Surabaya is an excellent way to explore the natural beauty of Indonesia. The tour provides a unique opportunity to witness the stunning landscapes of Bromo and Ijen, as well as the local culture and cuisine. The tour is also well-organized and comfortable, with experienced drivers and knowledgeable guides to ensure you have a great time. So, if you are planning to visit Indonesia, make sure to book the Bromo Ijen tour and experience the beauty of this fascinating country.

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