ijen volcano hike | Ijen Volcano Indonesia

ijen volcano hike | Ijen Volcano Indonesia

Ijen Volcano hike | The Ijen crater hike isn’t very hard. Clearly not on the size of volcano hikes in Indonesia, at the least. For this reason, many locals opt to do it time and again. On my maximum latest ride to ijen, we spoke to many that had been on their sixth, 7th, or 8th experience up the mountain.

ijen volcano hike | Ijen Volcano Indonesia

This is a testament now not most effective to the accessibility of the hike but additionally to the high-quality revel that the Ijen crater hike provides!

I’d liken the trek problem to barely higher than mount Batur. However only barely. The song is well-trodden, and extensive, with certain footing and lots of relaxation stops. In my view, nearly every person ought to overcome the Ijen crater, and sincerely give it a go!

Arriving at mount ijen hike begins

The power up to the mount ijen hike start line could be very clean. The region is properly signposted, and in case you are coming from banyuwangi, there are signs at all intersections pointing the way. For 99 percent of hikers, the pressure could be executed at night time, which isn’t an issue as the road is in very, very good condition. In truth, I might feel it is one of the most satisfactory roads I have ridden on in Indonesia!

There are only some matters to be aware of in case you are driving, or specifically driving up to ijen yourself.

  • Beware that although the road is in an exceptional situation, it every so often develops potholes after heavy rain. These like to hide round blind bends, and you may lose a small vehicle in them. Be careful! For the maximum component even though, the street is in pinnacle condition.
  • It’s far very dark! Take care and power to conditions.
  • Whilst coming back down you’ll meet extra visitors than on the way up. Take extra care, particularly if you are in a car. The street toward the hiking place to begin is narrower. Please be considerate.

Ijen Volcano Hike

You’ll understand when you have arrived at the mount ijen hike start line, actually because there’s not anything else at the pressure up. You will discover buildings and lights doping up from nowhere.

ijen volcano hike | Ijen Volcano Indonesia

On our ultimate visit, we stopped on the very first couple of warungs. The locals that were there (generally publications) have been outstanding. They had a campfire going, made us hot coffee, then scooted over so we ought to share the warmth of the fire. This brings me to every other point approximately mount ijen.

I’m no longer certain what it was, however, absolutely everyone right here was so friendly. The guides, employees, and everybody on the mountain were extraordinary. But it definitely went past that. Every unmarried hiker we met changed into first-rate. We had some splendid conversations and heard some first-rate memories. I consider that this came from the easy bond of all being there for a unique cause, and for a quick time period, which made us the circle of relatives.

Gas Masks and Tickets | Ijen Volcano hike

You may require a fuel mask on the pinnacle of mount ijen in case you are going everywhere near the sulfur. The levels are extremely excessive, especially down near the lake wherein the principal sulfur deposits are. In reality, even on the crater rim, there are more than one locations where you could require a mask. This is because of the triumphing wind blowing the sulfur throughout the song.

ijen volcano hike | Ijen Volcano Indonesia

If you have any breathing problems at all, then get a mask. They don’t value an awful lot, and we adore getting one simply in case. It’s first-rate so that you can position it if you encounter problems. I would much instead have one than now not!

Price ticket office

The final time we have been at ijen, we got ours from the warung which we had coffee on our arrival. The price is 50,000 rupees ($three.50 USD) for a foreigner or 25,000 rupe ($1.70 USD) for a local. We absolutely stashed them away in our backpacks and forgot about them till we wished them.

Just down the street, about 200m is the access gate to the mount ijen hike. It’s far a massive structure signal this is unmistakable in the dark, as it’s miles lit up with masses of lights. Head via right here and you’ll discover the ticket workplace.

ijen volcano hike | Ijen Volcano Indonesia

Tickets for the mount ijen or ijen crater hike range in charge relying on whether you’re a nearby or a foreigner. This is the same for maximum things in Indonesia. The fee disparity is very huge at  Ijen Crater even though. What we did discover, changed into that this opens up the mountain to locals, and plenty that we met had hiked it a couple of times, that’s wonderful.

Ijen crater hike pricelists | Ijen volcano hike

Prices at the time of writing are:

150,000 rupe for the overseas travelers ($10 USD)
100,000 rupe for ordinary foreigners/kitas ($7 usd)
7,500 rupe for locals (0.50 USD)

ijen volcano hike | Ijen Volcano Indonesia

At the time of writing, all traffic ought to be e-book tickets online. At the ticket workplace, you then offer your link for your reserving, pay, and are furnished your ticket. That is a routine that was brought up at some point during covid so that they knew what number of had been on the mountain. It is unknown at this stage whether this procedure will keep whilst tourism is regular once more. What it did suggest turned into that there were only options – nearby or foreigner. No alternative for kitas holders. Click here for the net link to the e-book.

The hike up to Ijen volcano

The hike up the ijen crater starts out nearly as a casual stroll. You may need a torch, headlamp, or something that will light up the route for you. It’s far-pitch dark!

hike up

On our most current climb, we left the starting point with many different hikers. They were friendly, and whilst our torch failed (of the path) they allowed us to paste close to them to apply their torches. This become brilliant on the time, however, we might have been filled in the event that they had no longer been there! The lesson here is to make sure you have sparkling batteries, and that the whole lot works.

Many climbers use their telephone torches. I used mine at instances too. It really works properly and does the task. If you use this feature, be conscious that you received’t have tons of battery left on the pinnacle.

ijen volcano hike | Ijen Volcano IndonesiaThe tune itself is 3.Eight km lengthy. After the first few hundred meters, the incline sincerely starts to ramp up. The climb becomes harder, and you’ll pass many others who have stopped for a rest. The path is huge, and there is plenty of room to move off to the side and be out of the manner of others.

Alongside the manner, there are four or 5 relaxation stops. These are buildings on the side of the track wherein you could relax underneath the shelter, and even use the restroom as a couple. They’re well spaced out, and generally pop up perfectly positioned at locations wherein you really need relaxation!

Ijen Volcano hike

After you skip the 4th or 5th forestall, you may see a big tree almost in the middle of the route. This tree marks the halfway factor of the climb. The courses will inform you that the worst is behind you with the aid of them, and even though technically they may be right, there may be nevertheless more mountaineering to come.

Now not too a ways past the tree you may arrive at the “canteen”. This is another construction off the side of the music, but one which also serves espresso, pop mie, and a few other food options. There may be a restroom out returned, and masses of room to rest up. You’ll generally locate quite a crowd sitting around right here, as it marks the 3 zone factor of the climb, and most want to time their run to the summit.

ijen volcano hike | Ijen Volcano Indonesia

From here, the climb will become a “stairway” that jinks from side to side up the slope, earlier than it evens out, and is only a casual flat stroll to the crater rim. Relying on what time you arrive here, there can be some super perspectives out to the right. If it’s miles nonetheless dark, you’ll trap the perspectives on the manner back down.

Just after the canteen, there may be any other spot off to the left of the tune that most people miss. In truth, we handiest definitely saw it in the manner of backpedaling.

Ijen Crater Hike

It’s far known as Pondok bunder and is a semi-round concrete building built by the dutch back in 1920. In the beginning, it became constructed to measure rainfall around ijen, with the purpose to try and expect any herbal screw-ups earlier than they came about. It is now completely abandoned, and the ultimate constructing stands as a ghostly reminder of times long beyond.

Ijen Crater Tour from Canggu Bali 1 Day

If you like deserted homes, and places that provide a ghostly feel and ship the goose bumps jogging up and down your hands, then forestall by and test this region out. There are a few antique furniture interiors that seem like it was left by the dutch 100 years ago and a few overturned beds. A look internal gives one the sensation that a night spent by myself in such an area, would now not actually be a night time alone!

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