Visit Banyuwangi

Visit Banyuwangi, 4 Things to Do in Banyuwangi

Visit Banyuwangi | Positioned at the Japanese tip of java, banyuwangi is a good base for exploring a number of east java’s unforgettable features. That is wherein you can begin your adventure to the stunning electric blue flame of the ijen crater, conquer the remarkable mount range tackle the mythical surfer’s 7 rolls of waves at G-Land.

So what else are you able to do here? Examine underneath for a definition of all the activities in banyuwangi.

visit Banyuwangi

1 | Explore Beaches | Visit Banyuwangi

A laugh inside the sun is in no way overestimated and banyuwangi is the place that gives a number of the maximum amusement within the sun you could ever look for in java or Bali. The first-class element? Most of the beaches in and close to this area are nonetheless smooth and untouched making them the precise region for a secluded escapade.

Visit Banyuwangi

Diving, snorkeling, and tanning are only a few of the standard activities to do on one of banyuwangi’s beaches which contain a number of the maximum excellent underwater biota. But, the region’s coast gives so much more.

Visit Banyuwangi

Some of the area’s great sunny escapes are Tabuhan island, a super spot for kiteboarding; the captivating Pulau Merah (crimson island) seaside with its reddish sand and soil, best for surfers who want to practice tubing; the captivating Grajagan seaside with its black sand and conventional fishermen equipped to take you on a conventional fishing adventure, additionally perfect for surfers who need to experience the waves; and the legendary Plengkung seashore, or G-Land, well-known for its 7 rolls of waves which can attain up to 6 meters excessive, a true challenge for professional surfers across the globe.

Visit Banyuwangi

2 | Conquer Volcanoes | Visit Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi is also home to some of Indonesia’s most outstanding volcanoes and craters. One of the maximum big volcanoes in this region is mount Raung, which stands 3,282 meters above sea stage. One of the paths for hiking to the pinnacle of mount rating is considered to be one of the most excessive mountains climbs in Indonesia. This is perfect for daredevils who need to test their wits and stamina in opposition to nature. The journey would, of course, be totally well worth it after you get to the top.

Raung Volcano

However, do you realize why most people flock to this stratovolcano is complicated? To get a glimpse of the magnificent electric-powered blue flame placed at kawah ijen, or the ijen crater. This enchanting spectacle can frequently be seen streaming down the mountain at night. The blue fire is truly mild from the combustion of sulfuric gases that emerge from cracks in the volcano at excessive stress and temperature. When they arrive in touch with the air, they ignite, sending flames up to five meters excessive.

Do you’ve got the audacity to overcome some of the most deadly yet thrilling volcanoes positioned in the global ring of fire?


3 | Attend Festivals | Visit Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi Festival 2016 is an annual year-length pageant held by the banyuwangi regency administration. This event is comprised of tens of festivals and events held all through the 12 months. This yr, the festival kicked off in march 2016.

Ijen blue fire

Events below this festival are an interesting mix of cultural, conventional, and current events, which include the ijen summer jazz banana music pageant, kite and windsurfing competition, and lots of different conventional fairs or celebrations. If you want a more cultural experience, come to the regency’s Kuwung pageant (rainbow pageant) held at the end of each 12 months to promote banyuwangi’s real artwork and tradition. For a more cutting-edge revel in, come to the ijen summer season jazz banana music competition in October to revel in the soothing and cool sounds of nearby and across world-renowned musicians.

4 | Enter the Wild

Indonesia is domestic to a number of the best nature has to offer. Exceptional flora and fauna, alluring plant life and plush forests that appear to have manifested from the fantasies of classic fairy stories.

Baluran national park

One location you can undertake is the Baluran National park, also referred to as Africa van java or little Africa in java. The park has many charming websites, along with the plush evergreen forest, ancient goa Jepang (jap cave), and coral-rich Bama beach. The park is likewise domestic to some 444 sorts of flora and over two hundred sorts of fauna.

white faced partridge

Some other wilderventure you may take is a trip to the paranormal unfortunately Purwo countrywide park. This park is home to some of Indonesia’s uncommon and endangered species. But, this park is more than an insignificant herbal reserve. Inside the Javanese language, unfortunately purwo actually approaches the “ancient forest or the primordial forest”. In keeping with the local legend, alas purwo became the web page wherein the earth first emerged from the ocean. Many searching for spiritual enlightenment and mystics flock right here for the duration of the month of suro, the Javanese new year.


So, these are only a few things to do while in banyuwangi. Have amusement for your journey and as the doorway to unluckily purwo says, “go away not anything but footprints, take nothing however pics.”

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