Juanda International airport

Juanda International Airport Surabaya Indonesia

Juanda international airport is the global airport that serves the Surabaya metropolis, east java, and its surroundings. Juanda has a duration basis of 3000 meters. This airport really located in the sidoarjo area, 20 km south aspect of the Surabaya metropolis. Juanda international airport operated via pt angkasa pura 1 (persero).

juanda international airport

Pt (persero) i is one in all body kingdom owned organizations (bumn) of the conversation branch, which is active in control and enterprising of airport providers in Indonesia. The employer’s assignment is to sport control airport exploitation and its surroundings properly and progressively.

The new Juanda airport has 51500 m2 widths, or approximately twofold compared to the stripper terminal which is most effective at 28088 m2. This new airport is also prepared with a farm facility to park with a width of 28900 m2 successfully to house more than 3000 vehicles. This airport is expected can accommodate 6 million to 8 million passengers according to yr and 120000 lots shipment/year.

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Every day air delivery hobby through Juanda airport is referred to of 320 instances air delivery of global cause and home with passenger extra than ten thousand, air delivery majority of Jakarta reason.

The airport construction is sufficient luxury and extensive earns parallel with public rectangular. The door interfacing to area boarding, that have been equipped with counters air of transport firm. The second floor is waiting for passenger space. Its glass wall has confronted basis racing and way cab (the aircraft avenue toward base raced). The passenger can see the going and coming off the plane, and also that park on an apron.

As in Soekarno-hatta airport, the passenger isn’t always passed up the bus in the direction of the door of the aircraft. It is to be had eleven trunks (garbarata) that end up the bridge closer to the aircraft entrance. The extensive display is placed down in some corners. From this flight records show machine (fids) facility, the passenger can see the arrival timetable and also the plane departure.

By using this supply of global trends like a domestic passenger waiting rooms (14 m2/orang) and international (20 m2/orang). As an entire, the airport can serve 6 million passengers and 120000 shipments heaps each yr.

This airport is also ready with 4 tanks for gas delivery, with capacities of 2000 kilolitres. All improvement budgets are assisted by using authorities of japan thru the program professional development assistance from japan’s financial institution for international cooperation (jbic).

Flight departure/arrival timetable

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