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Daily Ijen Blue Fire Tour 1 Day From Banyuwangi

Daily Ijen Blue Fire Tour 1 Day From Banyuwangi

Ijen Blue Fire Tour | The Ijen Blue Fire Tour is an unforgettable experience that takes you to the heart of East Java’s volcanic landscape. Here’s what you can expect on a 1-day tour from Banyuwangi:

Daily Ijen Blue Fire Tour 1 Day From Banyuwangi

Early Start:

  • Your adventure begins with an early morning pick-up from Banyuwangi, around 12:00 AM.

  • The drive to Ijen Crater is about 1.5 hours, winding through lush rice fields, charming villages, and stunning scenery.

Trek to the Crater Rim:

  • Upon reaching Paltuding, the base camp, you’ll start your 2-3 hour trek to the crater rim.

  • The path is well-maintained and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding volcanoes and landscapes.

Otherworldly Blue Flames:

  • As you reach the rim, prepare to be mesmerized by the otherworldly sight of the Ijen Blue Fire.

  • Sulphuric gases ignite upon contact with air, creating mesmerizing electric blue flames that dance against the night sky.

  • Witnessing this natural phenomenon is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Sulfur Miners and Crater Lake:

  • Besides the Blue Fire, the crater also boasts a turquoise acidic lake and hardworking sulfur miners who extract sulfur from the volcanic vents.

  • Observing their traditional methods and resilience is a humbling experience.

Sunrise over the Crater:

  • As dawn approaches, the crater transforms into a magical spectacle.

  • The blue flames gradually fade, replaced by the golden hues of sunrise painting the sky and crater walls.

Return to Banyuwangi:

  • After enjoying the breathtaking sunrise, begin your descent back to Paltuding.
  • From there, the return journey to Banyuwangi takes approximately 1.5 hours.

Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Tour:

  • Wear comfortable shoes for the trek.
  • Bring warm clothes as it can get chilly at the crater rim.
  • A gas mask is recommended to protect yourself from the sulfuric gases.
  • Be respectful of the sulfur miners and their work.

Additional Information:

  • The best time to see the Blue Fire is during the dry season (May-September).
  • Tours can be booked through various travel agencies in Banyuwangi.

I hope this gives you a good overview of what to expect on a 1-day Ijen Blue Fire Tour from Banyuwangi. It’s an adventure you won’t forget!

Please remember that safety should always be a priority when exploring active volcanic areas. Be sure to follow the instructions of your guide and wear proper attire. With proper preparation, you can have a safe and unforgettable experience witnessing the wonders of the Ijen Blue Fire.

Price Details Meeting point Banyuwangi

  • 1 person sharing Price: Rp. 975.000
  • 2-person sharing Price: Rp. 712.000 / pax
  • 3-person sharing Price: Rp. 620.000 / pax
  • 4-person sharing Price: Rp. 595.000 / pax
  • 5-person sharing Price: Rp. 586.000 / pax
  • 7-person sharing Price: Rp. 570.000 / pax
  • 8-person sharing Price: Rp. 540.000 / pax
  • 9-person sharing Price: Rp. 515.000 / pax
  • 10-person sharing Price: Rp.480.000 / pax

What is included

  • Transport
  • entrance fees or Ticket
  • Tour
  • local guide
  • coffee or tea
  • gas mask

What is not included 

  • Anything that is not specifically mentioned in the “Inclusions” are pax account.
  • Terminal and Environmental Fees are not included
  • Expenses of personal nature such as laundry, mini bar, etc.
  • Surcharges apply during Peak season / High season & Holidays
  • Tipping guide and driver


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